AOSP Kernel for D2LTE (US Samsung Galaxy S3 variants)

Based on CM source, Linux 3.4.y

Test Builds

If you want to run the latest bleeding edge builds of BMS, please visit the G+ community to download direct links to the test builds of BMS. These test builds will eventually be posted on this page as stable releases. The time period between test to stable will vary depending on how rapidly upstream source changes are occurring.

Please note that these test builds may rely on you running the absolute latest (nightly) builds of your specific rom. If you hit a bootloop or lock, check the G+ community first to see if anyone else has run into the same issue with your specific rom/BMS combo. Although most test builds should flash correctly and work, there are NO guarantees!

Note Starting with 2013-08-10, all builds will only support Android 4.3 and 4.4. If you are on 4.2, flash 2013-07-30 or earlier ONLY.

If you lose data or signal after you flash the zip, reflash your rom, gapps, and the BMS zip of your choosing. Make sure it's that order and you do not reboot in between. After all three have been flashed, reboot and you'll be back to normal. This is not a unique BMS issue, it happens with all kernels on d2 it seems and it only affects some units.
Warning Do not flash this kernel onto a 3.0.y based rom! If you are looking for the 3.0.y version of BMS, you can find it here.
Misc. Downloads BMS frandom zip - refer to the 2013-05-28 build for more information.
Legend d2vzw - Verizon Wireless
d2usc - US Cellular
d2spr - Sprint
d2att - AT&T
d2tmo - T-Mobile

Current stable release:

*Looking for test builds? Visit the BMS G+ community!*

Build 2014-08-06

US D2 variants -

Older releases: