Make your Motorola Droid charger longer

As many Motorola Droid users know, the included micro-usb cable is really short. Unless you have an extension cord, it’s most likely not going to reach your nightstand for bed time charging.

You can of course grab a new 6 foot cable from Best Buy or any major retailer. However, expect to pay almost $30 for it!

I prefer going directly to an online retailer that sells a huge amount of cables, Monoprice. I’ve shopped here for years and they sell quality cables for just about everything at ridiculous prices. I found a 15 foot micro-usb for a whopping $2.02. Yes, two pennies over two bucks. You can’t even find this length at most brick and mortars. Shipping was only about $2.50 to New York. You just can’t beat this quick “fix” for the price.