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New BMS Google+ Community

Join other BMS kernel users at the new Google+ community. Unofficial rom releases are also announced there first. All flash-a-holics are welcomed, see you there!

BMS Kernel AOSP Downloads Page

You can now download all the 3.4.y and 3.0.y based BMS AOSP kernels at the new download pages. Please visit http://www.droidhype.com/kernel/34 to grab yours today for your Galaxy S3 variant!

New Release! BMS 4.2 AOSP Kernel for the VZW SGS3

Here’s an updated version of my BMS AOSP kernel, now updated for 4.2. Here are some highlights: – Based on CM10.1 source – Built with Linaro GCC 4.7 with optis – Ramdisk tweaked (init.d support, unsecure) – OC up to 1.8Ghz – GPU OC to 480Mhz – Undervolted – Trinity colors – Defaults to tweaked…

[Jan-18] BMS JB Kernel AOSP for the Verizon Galaxy S III (d2vzw)

Here’s another update of my BMS AOSP 4.1.x Jellybean kernel for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III. Features: Overclocking up to 1.8Ghz Undervolted on all frequencies for battery savings USB Fast Charge (ex: gain max mAh on a laptop usb port) Lazy governor added *new* abyssplug governor added *new* row scheduler added Requirements: Rooted and Unlocked…