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Use the Incredible battery in your G2

The Droid Incredible (Dinc) and the Tmobile HTC G2 share the same type of battery. However, in the Dinc battery’s stock form it will not fit without a quick 30 second hack. If you take a look at the battery, you will notice that the charging leads are flipped backwards compared to the G2. The…

Flashing kernels should be standard

After being on a Droid X for about month, I felt something missing. Only after I went back to a Droid Incredible today did I realize it was the ability to flash kernels. I happily loaded up KingKlick’s BFS#5. With overclocking speeds built in, interactive governor, loads of speed increments, undervolting and a slew more…

[Warning] Droid Incredible OTA update stops Unrevoked root method

If you are thinking about rooting your Droid Incredible, do not install the latest over the air (OTA) update. Reports are showing it stops the Unrevoked rooting method. You can opt to root first, then install a custom rom that has the OTA update incorporated if you are itching to be updated.

Layout Tuesday

Here’s my current layout on my Droid Incredible. – SkyRaider Vanilla 3.0 RC3 – Hydra 1.15 Ghz kernel – LauncherPro Plus w/custom dock – Beautiful Widgets smaller home

It’s a Droid Party

Who doesn’t love their Droid? From left to right, CyanogenMod 6 stable (2.2), Stock 2.1, Simply Stunning 4.7 (2.2). Update: Droid Incredible snuck into the mix.

Motorola 1820mAh BP7X extended battery for the Droid

The Motorola BP7X ┬áis the 1820mAh extended battery for the Droid 2. Since the D2 and D1 use identical stock batteries, this new D2 extended unit will also work! The battery comes with a new battery cover since it sticks out just a little bit more. If you have a Seidio Innocase, leave the blue…

Simply Stunning 4.7 Rom released

ChevyNo1 has released Simply Stunning 4.7 with a bag full of goodies. 1. Screen lag on any of the launchers should be improved! That being said – I really do recomment another launcher. I’m partial to ADW – ADW.Launcher v1.0.1 standalone Application for Android | Productivity, VERY small memory footprint. It is also now an…

Root your Droid

Our Droid rooting guide has been posted! Here’s the direct link or just click the menu link up top.

Make your Motorola Droid charger longer

As many Motorola Droid users know, the included micro-usb cable is really short. Unless you have an extension cord, it’s most likely not going to reach your nightstand for bed time charging. You can of course grab a new 6 foot cable from Best Buy or any major retailer. However, expect to pay almost $30…

Make SetCPU settings stick

After upgrading to CM6RC2, I noticed my SetCPU settings were not sticking after a reboot. It would revert back to the default CPU speed of the kernel and clear my Advanced settings (32000, 50, 0, 0). A simple tap on the speed bar in SetCPU and it’ll bounce right back up, but this was annoying…