[Jan-18] BMS JB Kernel AOSP for the Verizon Galaxy S III (d2vzw)

Here’s another update of my BMS AOSP 4.1.x Jellybean kernel for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III.


  • Overclocking up to 1.8Ghz
  • Undervolted on all frequencies for battery savings
  • USB Fast Charge (ex: gain max mAh on a laptop usb port)
  • Lazy governor added
  • *new* abyssplug governor added
  • *new* row scheduler added


  • Rooted and Unlocked bootloader (guide)

Since this is an initial release, not many features are added just yet. Once a general stable build has been achieved, more tweaks and additions will be included.

This is flashable zip so you may flash it with either Clockworkmod or TWRP recovery. Remember, this is for AOSP based (CM, AOKP, Slimrom, etc.) roms. You can try flashing it on a Touchwiz rom, but you’re on your own with that 😉

Download the latest release here.