Monthly archives: October, 2010

Droid X 2.2 overclocking

It looks like there’s really nothing that a locked bootloader can hold back. A few days ago, a method to overclock the Droid X was released and it works perfectly. This has been tested and it does indeed overclock your Droid X’s CPU. I’m currently running at 1.1Ghz with undervolting. That’s right, not 0nly am…

Angry Birds full version out for free

Angry Birds for Android full version is available! It’s actually free, but just about everyone is having a tough time downloading. So, here are some mirrors 😉

Layout Tuesday

Here’s my current layout on my Droid Incredible. – SkyRaider Vanilla 3.0 RC3 – Hydra 1.15 Ghz kernel – LauncherPro Plus w/custom dock – Beautiful Widgets smaller home