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Mods for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII KL1 2.3.6 update

While we all wait for some Jug love (custom rom) on the new KL1 base for the T-Mobile Galaxy SII, I whipped up these mods to hold myself over. You’ll need Whitehawkx’s 2011-12-14 Stock KL1 deodexed/rooted rom for these to work. I have no idea if this will work on anything else, feel free to…

T-Mobile Sensation 4G S-Off and Perma-root

Over the weekend, the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G was “cracked” and to everyone’s delight s-off (security off) was achieved. This basically allows for custom kernals and roms to be installed via, you guessed it, a custom recovery. Here’s how to do it. Power off your phone and then press volume down and the power button….

Fix Swype on EagleBlood 1.0.3 Revamped

The EagleBlood 1.0.3 Revamped rom is probably one of the more popular custom roms for the T-mobile G2x. The only flaw with it is the failure of Swype to work. This is actually not the fault of the rom, but more of the fault of the rom it was built on which is the leaked…