New Release! BMS 4.2 AOSP Kernel for the VZW SGS3

Here’s an updated version of my BMS AOSP kernel, now updated for 4.2. Here are some highlights:

– Based on CM10.1 source
– Built with Linaro GCC 4.7 with optis
– Ramdisk tweaked (init.d support, unsecure)
– OC up to 1.8Ghz
– GPU OC to 480Mhz
– Undervolted
– Trinity colors
– Defaults to tweaked ondemand governor and deadline scheduler
– USB Fast Charge (credit to imoseyon and chad)
– Removal of mpdecision, uses tweaked auto_hotplug driver (credit to thalamus)
– Removal of thermald
– fix_permissions added to zip

To do:

– Voltage control

To install (no need to wipe anything):

– Download .zip below and place on your internal or external sdcard
– Reboot into CWM or the recommended TWRP
– Flash .zip
– Reboot

Download latest 2013-02-02 – BMS #24