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Free 50GB box.net account for new and existing users

If you are using cloud storage currently, you are probably familiar with box.net. Similar to dropbox and other services, it allows you to store your data within the “cloud”. You can register for a free account and receive 5GB of storage, all for free. This is a great way to get your feet wet if…

Amazon’s Android Appstore – Free Apps

Amazon released their version of the “market” to the public a few days ago. Some may wonder why would people even bother going to another app market place when there’s one built in (Google’s). Well, if the current trend of giving away paid apps for free every day is an incentive, I’m all for it….

21 free Droid Xs, did you get one?

The Droid X hunt is over. A total of 21 Droid X units were given out at locations all across the US. Did you end up getting one?