Fix Swype on EagleBlood 1.0.3 Revamped

The EagleBlood 1.0.3 Revamped rom is probably one of the more popular custom roms for the T-mobile G2x. The only flaw with it is the failure of Swype to work. This is actually not the fault of the rom, but more of the fault of the rom it was built on which is the leaked Gingerbread (2.3.3) rom.

To fix this, flash the following zip like you would any custom rom via Clockworkmod recovery. This should correct the error message that pops up telling you that Swype is in limited functionality.

Swype fix for EagleBlood 1.0.3 Revamped

[Update] – This should work for all ROMs based on the Gingerbread leak for the G2x.