Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Works on the T-Mobile Galaxy SII

There’s pretty much zero options at the moment if you are looking for an extended battery for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII (SGS2 T989). You can of course grab a cheapie fake 3500mAh battery on ebay, but are you really getting 3500mAh? Is that battery safe to use? And of course, does it come with NFC within the battery?

The last question may be important to some since Google Wallet and other apps are bringing out NFC options. The stock SGS2 battery carries 1850mAh of power, which in most instances is a decent amount and should last you all day. Of course, usage patterns will affect the hours of battery time so if you see anyone mentioning they are getting days on on charge, take it with a grain of salt.

Verizon Wireless just released the Galaxy Nexus, it’s first foray into Google’s AOSP land. Along with this phone’s release, VZW also did a release of it’s extended battery that offers 2100mAh of power.

With our good fortune, this 2100mAh battery fits in our SGS2, but with a caveat – the stock SGS2 battery door will not close correctly because of the extra thickness. However, if you are using a case like the Seidio Active, you can leave the back cover off and let the case keep the back covered. This actually works beautifully and isn’t the first time I’ve gone this route.

I’ve been using this extended battery for about three days now and I can say with the same amount of usage, I’m getting about an hour more of uptime. This may not be much, but for folks who are on the road constantly like I am, that one extra hour is awesome.

Verizon Wireless is currently offering the battery at a discount of $25 (MSRP $49.99). This may be a Christmas special, so you better hurry.