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New BMS Google+ Community

Join other BMS kernel users at the new Google+ community. Unofficial rom releases are also announced there first. All flash-a-holics are welcomed, see you there!

New Release! BMS 4.2 AOSP Kernel for the VZW SGS3

Here’s an updated version of my BMS AOSP kernel, now updated for 4.2. Here are some highlights: – Based on CM10.1 source – Built with Linaro GCC 4.7 with optis – Ramdisk tweaked (init.d support, unsecure) – OC up to 1.8Ghz – GPU OC to 480Mhz – Undervolted – Trinity colors – Defaults to tweaked…

[Jan-18] BMS JB Kernel AOSP for the Verizon Galaxy S III (d2vzw)

Here’s another update of my BMS AOSP 4.1.x Jellybean kernel for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III. Features: Overclocking up to 1.8Ghz Undervolted on all frequencies for battery savings USB Fast Charge (ex: gain max mAh on a laptop usb port) Lazy governor added *new* abyssplug governor added *new* row scheduler added Requirements: Rooted and Unlocked…

Unlocking, rooting, and recovery for the Nexus S

Although the Nexus S has been available on the market now for over a year, it’s actually a bit confusing for first time users to unlock and root the device. Give it a try, do a search and try and find the right adb and fastboot drivers for Windows 7 64-bit. I’m willing to bet…

[INFO] Kernel governors

I’m sure you’ve come to wonder what all these kernel governors are and what their differences to your performance and battery can be. Here is an excellent thread describing some of the more popular ones. My current running combo is the SIO scheduler with Intellidemand on Speedy-7 on my Nexus S.

Flashing custom kernels on Evo 3D with HBOOT 1.5

For some HTC Evo 3d users with HBOOT version at 1.5, flashing custom kernels is pretty much impossible with your standard recovery install. Due to updating the HBOOT to 1.5, you are forced to use HTC”s bootloader unlock method which opens up custom rom installs, but locks down the any boot partition modification. In layman’s…

4EXT Recovery Themes

There is a new recovery available from madmaxx82 called 4Ext that incorporates many features and options that every crackflasher needs. Did you ever want to queue up .zip files for flashing with backup, cache wiping, and numerous other options? This recovery and it’s associated control app has it all. My normal routine is usually wipe cache,…

T-Mobile Sensation 4G S-Off and Perma-root

Over the weekend, the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G was “cracked” and to everyone’s delight s-off (security off) was achieved. This basically allows for custom kernals and roms to be installed via, you guessed it, a custom recovery. Here’s how to do it. Power off your phone and then press volume down and the power button….

T-Mobile G2x Official Gingerbread is out!

The official LG Gingerbread update is finally out for the LG/T-Mobile G2x! You will need to grab the LG Mobile Software updater. Please note that this will break any root access you already have. So in typical DroidHype fashion, here is a link to grab a ClockworkMod flashable pre-rooted zip of the new 2.3.3 update….

Flash Xionia Recovery on the LG Optimus V

The LG Optimus V on the Virgin Mobile network is by far one of the best values in Android smartphone computing. Not only is the Optimus V an excellent entry/intermediate device, it’s also on one of the nation’s cheapest smartphone plans starting at $25/month. Like it’s siblings, the Optimus V is very welcoming to custom…