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BMS Kernel AOSP Downloads Page

You can now download all the 3.4.y and 3.0.y based BMS AOSP kernels at the new download pages. Please visit to grab yours today for your Galaxy S3 variant!

New Release! BMS 4.2 AOSP Kernel for the VZW SGS3

Here’s an updated version of my BMS AOSP kernel, now updated for 4.2. Here are some highlights: – Based on CM10.1 source – Built with Linaro GCC 4.7 with optis – Ramdisk tweaked (init.d support, unsecure) – OC up to 1.8Ghz – GPU OC to 480Mhz – Undervolted – Trinity colors – Defaults to tweaked…

Possible fix for Nexus 7 screen lift

Since getting my Nexus 7, I’ve been using it daily for just about everything. I’ve gotten to the point where I stopped opening my laptop after getting home from work. It really is that useful of a device at this point. Although the size and performance is great, there are some glaring quality control issues…

Temple Run available for Android

The wait is over, Temple Run is finally available for your Android phone! Head over to the Google Play store and start downloading.    

Verizon needs Google, or is it the other way around, whatever

There’s a new opinion piece up over at Droid-Life about how Google’s Nexus phone on Verizon is awesome, but not really. Here’s the meat and potatoes of the article: This year the Galaxy Nexus was released a day earlier than the Nexus S. As you know, the phone was released exclusively on Verizon Wireless after…

Seidio Surface case scratches LG G2x

The Seidio guys have been making quality cases and accessories for many phones in recent years, but it seems something isn’t right with their current Surface case for the LG G2x. As you can see from the above picture, that corner mark was made by the inner edge of the Seidio Surface case. The case…

Clockworkmod Recovery for the T-mobile G2x

Following yesterdays post about rooting the T-mobile G2x, here comes Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery. @ChrisSoyars just posted a version of CWM on XDA. His steps are done on Linux, but since a majority of us are Windows users here’s how you’ll do it. There are external links here because a lot of this will probably change….

Droid Incredible 2 launching April 28th

Droid-Life is reporting that the Droid Incredible 2 is launching on the 28th of this month. The specs for this 3G phone are not too bad with the standard 1Ghz CPU (second gen Snapdragon) and Super LCD screen. If you’re still stuck in non-4G land or in an area that will never get it, this…

Amazon’s Android Appstore – Free Apps

Amazon released their version of the “market” to the public a few days ago. Some may wonder why would people even bother going to another app market place when there’s one built in (Google’s). Well, if the current trend of giving away paid apps for free every day is an incentive, I’m all for it….

Flash 10.2 for Android

The folks at My Droid World just got the Flash 10.2 apk that is supposed to be released on the 18th of March. This will work on the Xoom tablet and just about all popular Android phones. I’ve loaded it on my G2 running CM7 and it works as expected. Download your local copy below….