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Gingerbread leaked for DroidX and Droid2

The wait is over, Gingerbread is available for all the Droid X and Droid 2 users out there. My Droid World just released (early) the official updates for these two handsets. Have at ’em folks, download links at MDW.

Droid X 2.2 overclocking

It looks like there’s really nothing that a locked bootloader can hold back. A few days ago, a method to overclock the Droid X was released and it works perfectly. This has been tested and it does indeed overclock your Droid X’s CPU. I’m currently running at 1.1Ghz with undervolting. That’s right, not 0nly am…

Root your Droid X without ADB

Update (Nov-12-2010): A new 1-click root apk that can do all the below has been released that works on the Droid X! If you recently updated to the OTA 2.2 Froyo update, you likely won’t be able to use the one click root apk that was floating around. There’s a method to root via ADB…

Droid X has been rooted

Without much difficulty, the Droid X has been rooted. Birdman has successfully done the previously unthinkable – rooting the e-fuse enabled handset. Although the whole e-fuse hoopla was about loading custom roms at the end of the day, rooting the Droid X is a great step towards the right direction. Grab the needed exploit then…

21 free Droid Xs, did you get one?

The Droid X hunt is over. A total of 21 Droid X units were given out at locations all across the US. Did you end up getting one?