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Fixing the Market on the Viewsonic Gtablet

I’m going to be posting up a few Viewsonic Gtablet based fixes/hacks to make it fully usable. Without these fixes, your Gtablet will be severely crippled by utter crap known as the stock TnT OS. Today’s quick how-to will be on how to enable all apps to show up on the Android Market.

Without this fix, opening the Market will show no apps available for your Gtablet.

The method outlined here requires something like Root Explorer or if you are familiar with the Terminal Emulator, you’ll be fine as well. You will also need Titanium Backup, you can download it from the developer’s website. Root access is a requirement.

– Open the Market and confirm that you do not see any apps
– Open Root Explorer
– Navigate to /system and mount it read/write
– Open in Text Edit the build.prop file
– Find the line that starts with ro.build.fingerprint and change it to say ro.build.fingerprint=samsung/SGH-T849/SGH-T849/SGH-T849:2.2/FROYO/UVJJB:user/release-keys (this is the fingerprint used by the Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
– Close the file and it will back up your old file automatically
– Go to Settings and then applications
– Find Google Services Framework and clear cache and then force close it
– Find Market and clear cache and then force close it
– Before rebooting, in Titanium Backup application, go into “Backup/Restore“, look for “Google Services Framework 2.2“, click on it and then choose “Wipe Data“.
– Go back and open the Market and it will pop up an error, this is good
– Reboot and let it log into your wifi
– Wait 5 minutes and then proceed to open the Market, you should now see all the apps that are available

Angry Birds full version out for free

Angry Birds for Android full version is available! It’s actually free, but just about everyone is having a tough time downloading. So, here are some mirrors 😉


Downloaded apps missing in Market

For the past day or two my downloaded apps in Android Market kept disappearing. I would see about 5% of what was downloaded. I’m not sure if this is related to me running the new CM6RC1, but this hasn’t happened before with any other release. Either way, it’s not a difficult problem to fix.

  1. Go to Android Settings, Applications
  2. Hit the tab for All apps and find the one listed as Market
  3. Hit the button to clear data

Now when you go back to Market, it will prompt you to accept the agreement again. If you go into your downloads, all your apps should show up correctly now.