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Navigation Bar edits crashes NBA Jam

My latest gaming addiction has been the NBA Jam release on Android. It was recently on sale for 99 cents so I couldn’t resist. The updated graphics and zany gameplay makes it just as fun as the original. There are just two quirks that I really wish this game didn’t have. The first small annoyance…

Backing up SMS/MMS and your Call Log

If you tend to crackflash often, then you probably use Titanium Backup and you’d want to know the easiest way to back up your SMS/MMS as well as your call log. These items are not retained when you go from rom to rom nor are they backed up when doing a user data backup in…

Temple Run available for Android

The wait is over, Temple Run is finally available for your Android phone! Head over to the Google Play store and start downloading.    

Retrieving a saved wifi password

Here’s a quick tip on how to look up a saved wifi password on your Android handset. Let’s say you need to flash a new rom but you don’t have a password written down for a wifi access point you frequently use. Use any file explorer on your Android handset and navigate to the /data/wifi…

4EXT Recovery Themes

There is a new recovery available from madmaxx82 called 4Ext that incorporates many features and options that every crackflasher needs. Did you ever want to queue up .zip files for flashing with backup, cache wiping, and numerous other options? This recovery and it’s associated control app has it all. My normal routine is usually wipe cache,…

Adobe Flash for Viewsonic G-tablet

I meant to post this a while back, but somehow forgot. Anyway, here’s the Adobe Flash 10.1 that works on the Viewsonic G-tablet. The Flash you see on the Market will NOT work. Save to your Gtab and side load it via your favorite file manager. Adobe Flash for Viewsonic G-tablet (registered users only)

Amazon’s Android Appstore – Free Apps

Amazon released their version of the “market” to the public a few days ago. Some may wonder why would people even bother going to another app market place when there’s one built in (Google’s). Well, if the current trend of giving away paid apps for free every day is an incentive, I’m all for it….

Flash 10.2 for Android

The folks at My Droid World just got the Flash 10.2 apk that is supposed to be released on the 18th of March. This will work on the Xoom tablet and just about all popular Android phones. I’ve loaded it on my G2 running CM7 and it works as expected. Download your local copy below….

dclock with transparent background

There are a number of digital clocks on the market, but none are as simple and sleek as dclock. However, the only downside is that in stock form, there’s no way to make the background transparent. After some searching, it looks like someone on XDA gone ahead and done everyone a huge favor. Feel free…

Angry Birds full version out for free

Angry Birds for Android full version is available! It’s actually free, but just about everyone is having a tough time downloading. So, here are some mirrors 😉