Rom – CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC1


After having ran Bugless Beast 0.4 for nearly 2 weeks on and off, I decided to try CyanogenMod’s latest Froyo (from source) rom, 6.0.0 RC1.

My steps on swapping roms:

  1. Titanium Backup all apps
  2. Nandroid backup current rom
  3. Download CyanogenMod via Rom Manager app

There’s a pre-requisite that you have to be rooted to perform the above. I’ll run through the root process in another update later on. Contrary to what everyone else suggests, I did not wipe data. I simply loaded CM over my previous BB rom. The process took roughly 15 minutes before I was back on my lock screen.

First impression is that its snappy and everything settled in quickly. CM comes with its own tweaking/settings section. My favorite by far is the ability to hide the clock in the status bar. I run Beautiful Widgets, so having two clocks looked weird.

Two tweaks I did was disabling dithering and changing VM size to 32MB. This seems to increase performance just so slightly without sacrificing the look and feel of the rom. I loaded up my current kernel of choice, ChevyNo1’s ultra low voltage 1.25Ghz 7 slot. Currently I’m running ondemand via SetCPU at 250/800Mhz.

I’m currently on hour 12 of running CM, I’ll need to update once I put this rom thru it’s paces over the week. So far, everything looks pretty good in CM land.

Update: so far so good, battery life with heavy 3G data and voice yeilded about 13 hours before needing a charge. One other neat setting is the ability to unlock the phone with just the menu key – VERY convenient.

Update: jdlfg has some updated kernels for CM6RC1 specifically. They’re at version 32.2.2, grab them here via his twitter feed. Supposedly these are battery life saving in nature.