How to disable the camera shutter and video record sound

The camera and video recorder sounds are there to help victims of voyeurism. However, for normal folks like us, we just don’t want to wake a sleeping baby while snapping the cutest picture known to man. Let’s disable the sounds shall we?

Note: This requires root access as well as ADB or terminal knowledge

To make this work, open up an ADB shell or open up a terminal emulator and type in the below commands. The comments in parentheses below are not to be entered.

I prefer the terminal method as it is easier in my opinion.

  1. su (gain superuser access)
  2. mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system (makes /system writeable)
  3. mv /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg.old (renames the camera_click.ogg sound file to camera_click.ogg.old, this allows you to revert back to the sound if needed)
  4. mv /system/media/audio/ui/VideoRecord.ogg /system/media/audio/ui/VideoRecord.ogg.old

Open up your camera or video recorder app and you will not hear the shutter sound anymore.