Angry Birds not loading on the Droid Incredible

Here’s another quick easy fix for your Droid Incredible (we’re on a roll). Rovio recently released their popular mobile game Angry Birds to the Android world to the delight of many Android users. However, some Dinc owners are not having much luck after downloading the game.

The issue a lot of people seem to be having is that as soon as the game starts loading, it exits out by itself to your homescreen. A tad annoying, but there’s a simple fix for it. As soon as the loading screen comes on (as shown in the above image), start tapping your screen. It does not matter where you tap, just keep tapping and it will bring you to the main menu. Subsequent game launches will not need this little fix — at least I haven’t seen a homescreen crash out yet.

Now go and slingshot your birds 🙂