Force your launcher to stay in memory

If you use ADW, Launcher Pro, or Zeam, you most likely have encountered the dreaded home screen redraw problem. We dove into some tips on stopping Launcher Pro from redrawing a while back. That seemed to have helped a few people, but some didn’t see any improvement.

I recently saw a post on the Launcher Pro forums that showed a way for rooted users to force your launcher to stay in memory.

The below steps are written for Terminal Emulator usage. I assume it can be adapted for use with Root Explorer or something similar.

  1. Switch user to root by typing su
  2. Output the contents of this file: cat /data/local.prop. If you get an error about file not existing, then proceed to step 3. Otherwise, jump to step 4.
  3. Echo (add) the following line to your local.prop file: echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 > /data/local.prop. Reboot your phone and you are all set.
  4. If step 2 produced the contents of the file, check to see if you have the ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1. If not, use a text editor to add it in at the end of the file. Reboot and you are all set.

Hopefully this will stop the annoying redraws that occurs not only in Launcher Pro, but other replacements.