Verizon needs Google, or is it the other way around, whatever

There’s a new opinion piece up over at Droid-Life about how Google’s Nexus phone on Verizon is awesome, but not really. Here’s the meat and potatoes of the article:

This year the Galaxy Nexus was released a day earlier than the Nexus S. As you know, the phone was released exclusively on Verizon Wireless after much delay. All evidence points to the fact that the Galaxy Nexus was ready to launch by the end of November, but Verizon waited to give the Rezoud and the RAZR more time to sell. To make matters worse, the Galaxy Nexus is the first Nexus device to have a carrier’s software preinstalled. Speaking of software, the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Google Wallet installed on it. Sure, it can be side-loaded, but it’s just more evidence that Google is not in control of this device. Unlike every other Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus does not have Google branding on the back; instead Verizon’s logo rests above their 4G LTE logo. If there was any doubt about whether or not this was Google’s phone, that should put the debate to rest.

Yup, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t a true Nexus in this writer’s eyes because, well, it has carrier software preinstalled and it doesn’t say Google on the back cover. I’m usually on the same wavelength with the dudes over at DL when it comes to opinions on handsets, but this piece is awful. Seriously? Your main gripe is that it has a few carrier apps and it doesn’t have the Google logo on the back? It’s a Galaxy Nexus, load a new rom, instant carrier-free app experience. Buy a case and cover your phone, who cares what it says on the back cover. Are people complaining just to complain? The Verizon users should be happy they got a totally unlockable phone on their network.

This opinion piece just sounds like it’s there to fill space on a slow pre-New Years day.