Backing up SMS/MMS and your Call Log

If you tend to crackflash often, then you probably use Titanium Backup and you’d want to know the easiest way to back up your SMS/MMS as well as your call log. These items are not retained when you go from rom to rom nor are they backed up when doing a user data backup in Titanium Backup. Here’s how you can do it on a set schedule so you never forget.

  1. Open app drawer
  2. Open Titanium Backup
  3. Press the menu radio button
  4. Select “Filters”
  5. At the bottom press the “Create label” button
  6. Name your label whatever you want
  7. Press the “Add/Remove elements” button
  8. Check the “[SMS/MMS/APN] Dialer Storage x.x” checkbox (version x.x numbers may vary)
  9. Check the “[CONTACTS/CALLS] Contacts Storage x.x” checkbox (version x.x numbers may vary)
  10. Press the “OK” button
  11. Press the “Save” button
  12. Press the back radio button
  13. Select the “Schedules” tab
  14. Press the “Add new schedule” button located at the bottom
  15. On the schedule that just appeared press the “Edit” button
  16. On the top combo box select the arrow to pull down the menu. Select the “Backup all system data” option
  17. On the next combo box that says “No filtering”, click the arrow to pull down a menu. You should see your label you created. Select your label.
  18. Select the time you want your backup to take place
  19. Select the days you want your backup to take place
  20. Press the “Save” button
  21. Check the “Enabled” check box to enable your schedule
  22. Now Titanium Backup will automatically backup your messages at the specified time and day or days.

When you are ready to restore on your new rom, just search for Dialer Storage and Contacts Storage and restore the data only. Perform a reboot and you should have everything back. Just be careful when going from major OS version updates (ex: Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich). You may encounter some weirdness, so be prepared to restore a nandroid or reflash if something doesn’t take right.

[via XDA]