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[MOD] Volume Wake for Bulletproof 1.4 Rom

One of my favorite roms on the Sensation 4G is Bulletproof 1.4, based on Sense 3.0. It has the right mix of tweaks and mods to make it smooth and quick in the heavily populated world of S4G roms. However, one thing that was missing from the rom is the ability to wake the phone…

[Radio] Sensation 4G/XE from 1.72.401.1 RUU

There’s a new radio just ripped from the RUU of the new Sensation XE. What’s great is that this radio works perfectly fine on the regular TMOUS Sensation 4G. Whether or not it has any added benefit has yet to be seen since it is so new. However, from initial speed tests it seems it’s…

[FIX] HTC Sensation 4G screen of death

A lot of custom rom users on the Sensation 4G have noticed screen of death occurrences and reboots/lockups. A developer on XDA has dug deep and found that the HTC RUU (Rom Upgrade Utility) and OTA (Over The Air) updates differ in that a rpm image located on the RUU is not present on the…

[FIX] Sensation 4G creaking noise

I just started developing this odd creaking noise near the bottom and sides of my S4G. Even with a Seidio Active case wrapped around it, the creaking can be felt and heard when hitting the bottom buttons. The fix is pretty easy. You just need to decrease the amount of movement the back cover has….

T-Mobile Sensation 4G S-Off and Perma-root

Over the weekend, the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G was “cracked” and to everyone’s delight s-off (security off) was achieved. This basically allows for custom kernals and roms to be installed via, you guessed it, a custom recovery. Here’s how to do it. Power off your phone and then press volume down and the power button….