Rom – CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC2 Droid released

The CyanogenMod team has just released the second stable CM6 release for the Droid. To get this installed, open up Rom Manager (Market app) and install via the CyanogenMod rom section.

I just loaded this up on the Droid, here are a few tips to get you going.

  • Clear your download cache in Rom Manager before downloading RC1. I didn’t my first time flashing the rom and it got stuck at the Motorola logo. It looked like the original download wasn’t playing nice.
  • Some users are reporting the version of su (superuser) in this rom not working too well. I had some problems with SetCPU gaining root access and remembering my settings. I ended up flashing down to version 2.1. You can download su v2.1 below. Just flash it via the method thru your recovery of choice.
  • No need to wipe data or cache if you were running RC1.

Everything is smooth so far running with ChevyNo1’s ULV 1.2Ghz kernel and CM6 RC2. This release is still based off of the FRF84B build. The power widget has a 3G data switch now. There’s also a built in lock screen music control option – no more needing to unlock your phone to play or skip your music tracks.

I’ll report back with some battery results after a few more days of use. So far its looking pretty good.