Simply Stunning 4.7 Rom released


ChevyNo1 has released Simply Stunning 4.7 with a bag full of goodies.

1. Screen lag on any of the launchers should be improved! That being said – I really do recomment another launcher. I’m partial to ADW – ADW.Launcher v1.0.1 standalone Application for Android | Productivity, VERY small memory footprint. It is also now an option in RM, which also installs an ‘mvadw’ script. If you DO use another launcher, use my tools to DELETE the stock Launcher2 (it will back up to SD). Otherwise, it will still take resources even though you don’t run it.

2. You can now control your tunes (Media Player, Pandora tested) while the screen is off! Longpress volume up/down to skip tracks. Camera focus (lightpress) to pause/play. Camera shutter (hardpress) to toggle the extended media controls on/off (not permanent like Tools UI which sticks beyond a reboot). I did NOT add graphical controls to the lockscreen. To me it seems pointless.

3. Google fix for Pandora (all streaming AAC) included – this is NOT the hack that disabled stagefright; this has FIXED stagefright

4. Ability to change the carrier text to whatever you want! Should not affect any other apps.

5. Now when you ‘delete’ system apps, they are backed up to SD. So just in case you want it back .. you can get it back

6. rstapps has had a few fixes – you should see no FC’s while restoring, or much less than the past. Also, there is a fix to prevent future market update errors (ie. insufficient storage).

7. Extra low dimness now available. Check out Settings -> Display

8. OTA patch capability – yet to be tested (on YOU )! I can now push out updates to all phones running my ROM. Everything EXCEPT a full ROM update. That is better left to you or Rom Manager. But any other updates, including patching APK’s, I can now do automagically

9. Chrome To Phone now included

10. Bypass lockscreen option added in Tools

11. MORE things to hide in the statusbar – alarm clock, cell signal, 3g signal, battery, adb, usb. I have heard you all ask for being able to customize images themselves. I will get there

12. All options (ie scripts) selected in Tools are remembered, at least until a reboot.

13. I’m told I don’t promote this enough – you can change pretty much ALL colors in the statusbar, ON THE FLY. No reboot, no xml hacking.

I just loaded this over SS4.6 and everything is working like it should. The audio controls mapped to the volume rocker and camera button are top notch. I also really like the menu key as unlock option. This was in CyanogenMod, which I sorely missed.

Download the rom and load via recovery or find it Rom Manager!