4EXT Recovery Themes

There is a new recovery available from madmaxx82 called 4Ext that incorporates many features and options that every crackflasher needs. Did you ever want to queue up .zip files for flashing with backup, cache wiping, and numerous other options? This recovery and it’s associated control app has it all.

My normal routine is usually wipe cache, wipe dalvick, flash rom, flash kernel (if available), fix permissions, and then reboot. You can imagine how many volume and power button presses it takes to accomplish all that. With the 4Ext Recovery app, I can queue all this up with a few taps and let it do it’s thing. There’s even md5 checking involved if you need to verify, super handy.

Since purchasing the app and using the recovery (free), I started diving into making themes for it. After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to make a couple for testing.

The images below are my Super Paper Mario and Honeycomb Blue theme. After downloading (click the screenshot), you can install it via the control app. Or you can boot into recovery and flash the .zip.