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Clockworkmod Recovery for the T-mobile G2x

Following yesterdays post about rooting the T-mobile G2x, here comes Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery. @ChrisSoyars just posted a version of CWM on XDA. His steps are done on Linux, but since a majority of us are Windows users here’s how you’ll do it. There are external links here because a lot of this will probably change….

Gingerbread leaked for DroidX and Droid2

The wait is over, Gingerbread is available for all the Droid X and Droid 2 users out there. My Droid World just released (early) the official updates for these two handsets. Have at ’em folks, download links at MDW.

Cyanogenmod 7 Nightly adds battery percentage

The latest Cyanogenmod (CM) 7 Nightlies have added a few notable updates to the latest builds. One of the more requested ones (at least for me) is the battery percentage in the status bar. This was available in CM6, but CM7 had some previous problems in getting this done, but that has been overcome with…

Updating the radio on your Nexus One

Updating your radio on your handset can sometimes provide better coverage or faster speeds when using data. You can usually find these radios scattered all over the net, but for our update on the Nexus One (N1), it can be downloaded from Cyanogenmod. We’ll be using the radio upgrade from 4.06. Although it states…

Fix the Viewsonic G-tablet wake up lag

One of the annoying problems that plagued the Viewsonic G-tablet was the awful wake up lag that would creep up randomly. Once the G-tablet (Gtab) went to sleep, it would downclock the CPU only to keep it at low speeds even upon wake. So one minute you are cruising from app to app, the next…

New custom kernels enable multi-touch for the Incredible

There are a few new custom kernels available now for the Droid Incredible that will enable multi-touch. If you are into gaming and emulators, multi-touch can be enabled to allow 2-5 simultaneous presses. My current favorite is chad0989’s Incredikernel. You can also try HeyItsLou’s version or invisiblek’s version. Just keep in mind that some are…

Rooting the Viewsonic Gtablet

Viewsonic recently released the Gtablet to the masses at the $399 pricepoint. With a dual core Tegra cpu, 512MB of ram and 10″ of screen real estate, this tablet has a lot going for it. However, right out of the box it is probably by far the worse OS and/or UI I have ever used….

Flashing kernels should be standard

After being on a Droid X for about month, I felt something missing. Only after I went back to a Droid Incredible today did I realize it was the ability to flash kernels. I happily loaded up KingKlick’s BFS#5. With overclocking speeds built in, interactive governor, loads of speed increments, undervolting and a slew more…

[Warning] Droid Incredible OTA update stops Unrevoked root method

If you are thinking about rooting your Droid Incredible, do not install the latest over the air (OTA) update. Reports are showing it stops the Unrevoked rooting method. You can opt to root first, then install a custom rom that has the OTA update incorporated if you are itching to be updated.

Fixing custom kernel lockups on the Droid Incredible

The stock HTC kernel will work for the majority of Droid Incredible users out there. However, if you are in the market to cut down on some battery usage and gain some extra functionality, a custom kernel may be what you need. There are a few custom kernels available for the Dinc like Hydra and…