Retrieving a saved wifi password

Here’s a quick tip on how to look up a saved wifi password on your Android handset. Let’s say you need to flash a new rom but you don’t have a password written down for a wifi access point you frequently use. Use any file explorer on your Android handset and navigate to the /data/wifi directory and view the bcm_supp.conf file. This is just a basic text file that contains all your wifi access points and passwords that you’ve used previously.

Make a backup of it or simply write down the password you need, enjoy!

Verizon needs Google, or is it the other way around, whatever

There’s a new opinion piece up over at Droid-Life about how Google’s Nexus phone on Verizon is awesome, but not really. Here’s the meat and potatoes of the article:

This year the Galaxy Nexus was released a day earlier than the Nexus S. As you know, the phone was released exclusively on Verizon Wireless after much delay. All evidence points to the fact that the Galaxy Nexus was ready to launch by the end of November, but Verizon waited to give the Rezoud and the RAZR more time to sell. To make matters worse, the Galaxy Nexus is the first Nexus device to have a carrier’s software preinstalled. Speaking of software, the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Google Wallet installed on it. Sure, it can be side-loaded, but it’s just more evidence that Google is not in control of this device. Unlike every other Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus does not have Google branding on the back; instead Verizon’s logo rests above their 4G LTE logo. If there was any doubt about whether or not this was Google’s phone, that should put the debate to rest.

Yup, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t a true Nexus in this writer’s eyes because, well, it has carrier software preinstalled and it doesn’t say Google on the back cover. I’m usually on the same wavelength with the dudes over at DL when it comes to opinions on handsets, but this piece is awful. Seriously? Your main gripe is that it has a few carrier apps and it doesn’t have the Google logo on the back? It’s a Galaxy Nexus, load a new rom, instant carrier-free app experience. Buy a case and cover your phone, who cares what it says on the back cover. Are people complaining just to complain? The Verizon users should be happy they got a totally unlockable phone on their network.

This opinion piece just sounds like it’s there to fill space on a slow pre-New Years day.

Free 50GB account for new and existing users

If you are using cloud storage currently, you are probably familiar with Similar to dropbox and other services, it allows you to store your data within the “cloud”. You can register for a free account and receive 5GB of storage, all for free. This is a great way to get your feet wet if you are new to this.

However, there are some of us who use these services to store everything under the sun and that 5GB doesn’t cut it unless you upgrade for a fee. There’s a small promotion going on right now for users of LG phones on Android. If you register or log in with one, you get upgrade to 50GB of storage. Yup, 50 whopping gigs.

To do this, find a user with a LG phone and log in with your account on the app. You’ll be automatically upgraded to 50GB.

Or try this if you are on a rooted phone.

  1. Make a backup of your /system/build.prop file.
  2. Open your /system/build.prop file as a text file and edit (use root explorer or equivalent) the following lines to show this:

ro.product.model=VS910 4G

Save the file and reboot. After that, log into your account on the app and you’ll be upgraded. Once you are done, restore the backed up build.prop file and reboot to change back.

Better hurry, this promo ends on 12/31/2011.

[via XDA]

Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Works on the T-Mobile Galaxy SII

There’s pretty much zero options at the moment if you are looking for an extended battery for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII (SGS2 T989). You can of course grab a cheapie fake 3500mAh battery on ebay, but are you really getting 3500mAh? Is that battery safe to use? And of course, does it come with NFC within the battery?

The last question may be important to some since Google Wallet and other apps are bringing out NFC options. The stock SGS2 battery carries 1850mAh of power, which in most instances is a decent amount and should last you all day. Of course, usage patterns will affect the hours of battery time so if you see anyone mentioning they are getting days on on charge, take it with a grain of salt.


Mods for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII KL1 2.3.6 update

While we all wait for some Jug love (custom rom) on the new KL1 base for the T-Mobile Galaxy SII, I whipped up these mods to hold myself over. You’ll need Whitehawkx’s 2011-12-14 Stock KL1 deodexed/rooted rom for these to work. I have no idea if this will work on anything else, feel free to try, just make backups please.


1) Flash via CWM (root required)
2) Enable some or all animations under display settings if you want CRT

Volume wake –
Volume wake removal –
CRT Animation –
CRT Animation / Batt % –

Flashing custom kernels on Evo 3D with HBOOT 1.5

For some HTC Evo 3d users with HBOOT version at 1.5, flashing custom kernels is pretty much impossible with your standard recovery install. Due to updating the HBOOT to 1.5, you are forced to use HTC”s bootloader unlock method which opens up custom rom installs, but locks down the any boot partition modification. In layman’s terms, this prohibits all kernel installs.

However, there is a way to get around this. The below steps will assume you have ADB and Fastboot tools installed and ready to go. If you do not, please download it at the bottom of this post. This also assumes you know a little on how to use ADB and can follow basic command line directions.

I used the below method to flash Android Revolution successfully on a CDMA Evo 3d with HBOOT 1.5 — rom and kernel.

Note: this should be fairly painless, but problems always have a chance of occuring. You are on your own if you brick your device.

  1. Set up ADB/Fastboot tools and make sure the command adb devices shows your device. If this is your first time, grab and install the fastboot drivers from here.
  2. Ensure your Evo 3d is on HBOOT 1.5 (volume down + power from a powered off phone) and has been unlocked via HTC’s unlock method.
  3. Time to flash your desired recovery. I prefer TWRP, which can be downloaded below. Place this recovery.img within the directory that ADB and fastboot tools reside in.
  4. Boot your phone into the bootloader (volume down + power).
  5. Select fastboot.
  6. Connect your USB and issue the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img. This will flash the TWRP recovery onto your phone. Do not reboot or exit out of the fastboot screen.
  7. We will now fastboot into the recovery instead of using the two finger salute. HTC will give write permissions thru the recovery to write to the boot partition via fastboot. Issue the command fastboot boot recovery.img. This will boot your Evo 3D into the TWRP recovery.
  8. With your favorite rom or kernel on your sdcard, you can now successfully flash them thru TWRP.

  Android ADB and Fastboot tools (13.2 MiB, 98 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

  TWRP Recovery for CDMA Evo 3D (4.9 MiB, 41 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

[MOD] Volume Wake for Bulletproof 1.4 Rom

One of my favorite roms on the Sensation 4G is Bulletproof 1.4, based on Sense 3.0. It has the right mix of tweaks and mods to make it smooth and quick in the heavily populated world of S4G roms. However, one thing that was missing from the rom is the ability to wake the phone via the volume buttons. The version based on Sense 3.5 has it, but not on this Sense 3.0 version. So like any rom junkie, I ended up messing around with the android.policy.jar file and manage to smali/baksmali edit the file needed to make this happen.

For your enjoyment, download the zip below (log in first) and flash it via your recovery. Cache wipe isn’t necessary but it won’t hurt.

There is no guarantee that this will work with any other rom. It’s also highly suggested that you back up your /system/framework/android.policy.jar file or just run a nandroid on your existing rom. This was done entirely on a stock BP 1.4 environment and has been tested on this rom specifically.

  Volume Wake for Bulletproof 1.4 Rom (284.9 KiB, 4 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.

PS: If you have another rom you’d like this mod done on, I can run the edit for you. Just let me know what rom and what Sense version etc.


4EXT Recovery Themes

There is a new recovery available from madmaxx82 called 4Ext that incorporates many features and options that every crackflasher needs. Did you ever want to queue up .zip files for flashing with backup, cache wiping, and numerous other options? This recovery and it’s associated control app has it all.

My normal routine is usually wipe cache, wipe dalvick, flash rom, flash kernel (if available), fix permissions, and then reboot. You can imagine how many volume and power button presses it takes to accomplish all that. With the 4Ext Recovery app, I can queue all this up with a few taps and let it do it’s thing. There’s even md5 checking involved if you need to verify, super handy.

Since purchasing the app and using the recovery (free), I started diving into making themes for it. After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to make a couple for testing.

The images below are my Super Paper Mario and Honeycomb Blue theme. After downloading (click the screenshot), you can install it via the control app. Or you can boot into recovery and flash the .zip.

Cheap 32MB MicroSDHC

If you are in the market for a 32MB MicroSDHC, then you are in luck with these two sales happening right now. Over at Newegg, you can grab a class 10 PNY for $55 shipped by using the coupon EMCJKJJ45.

Or you can grab the slower speed class 4 Sandisk  32MB variety at DailySteals for $35 shipped.

You better hurry, these deals won’t last long.


[Radio] Sensation 4G/XE from 1.72.401.1 RUU

There’s a new radio just ripped from the RUU of the new Sensation XE. What’s great is that this radio works perfectly fine on the regular TMOUS Sensation 4G. Whether or not it has any added benefit has yet to be seen since it is so new. However, from initial speed tests it seems it’s slightly better or on par with previous releases.

The radio should show as 10.58.9035.00P_10.15.9035.02_2 under your phone settings on your S4G. Please head over to this XDA thread to download the latest release. Please confirm the md5sum before flashing! If it does not match, please re-download again or else you risk bricking your phone. You can check md5 via the adb shell or any free md5sum checker program.

To flash, all you need to do is place the downloaded file at the root of your sdcard. Then reboot into your bootloader and it will prompt you to update it.

After the radio is done flashing, proceed to reboot the phone. You will most likely get stuck at the white HTC screen. Don’t worry, it’s easily fixable.

With adb, issue the command adb reboot recovery while on that white HTC screen. This is assuming you have adb tools installed and your phone is connected to your computer. If you do not have adb install, download the attached zip below that contains all you need for adb.

Once you are in recovery (Clockworkmod in my case), wipe cache, then go to advanced and wipe dalvik. Now reboot your phone and you should get past the white HTC screen now. You can also delete the zip file that you placed on your sdcard earlier or move it for safe storage somewhere else. It is best not to leave it sitting on your sdcard.

  Android ADB and Fastboot tools (13.2 MiB, 98 hits)
You do not have permission to download this file.